Check out this video from the American Gastroenterological Association on what makes a high quality colonoscopy and why its important to get checked beginning at age 50.

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Dr. Malik on Wavy TV 10

Colon Cancer Screenings and Prevention

PORTSMOUTH, Va, (WAVY) – March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, a month dedicated to spreading the word about Colon Cancer screening and prevention. Dr. Pramod Malik from Virginia Gastroenterology and Bon Secours was in The Hampton Roads Show studio this morning. Dr. Malik said that while the country has seen a significant decrease in colon cancer deaths, the western Hampton Roads area and parts of North Carolina seen an increase. Dr. Malik also explained that the problem is due, in large part, to a lack of health care access and prevention. That is why it is important for men to have a colonoscopy or other colon cancer screenings.

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