Providing the highest standard possible for our patients is imperative at our practice.

CriteriaQuality Benchmark StandardsVirginia Gastro Standard
Appropriate reason for colonoscopy> 80%100%
Good quality prep> 85%> 95%
Examining the entire colon> 95%99.8%
Average colon inspection time (Withdrawal time)> 6 minutes11 minutes
Adenoma Detection rate (ADR = pre-cancerous polyps in % of screening patients)
For every 1% increase in ADR, missed colon cancer risk is reduced by 3%
Perforation rate< 1%< 1 in 5000
Bleeding after polyp removal< 1%< 1%
Attempt to find previous colonoscopy reportNo benchmark100%
Appropriate recommendation for recallNo benchmark100%
Split dose prep or dose within 5 hr of colonoscopyNo benchmark100%